The Shibuya "ATOM" which is famous as a gateway to dance clubs
Renamed to "ATOM TOKYO"
Reopened after a large-scale renovation.
We are in charge of the renovation.

A grand project aimed at becoming No. 1 in Asia
The space has been made into a full skeleton, and the air conditioning, water supply and drainage, electrical equipment, etc. have all been renewed.
Three of the largest LED panels in Tokyo are installed on the front,
LED panels were also laid on the ceiling.

VIP seats that are comparable to Western clubs and hotels
In addition, a VIP seat exclusively for women has been newly established.
Smoke mirrors and finest tiles installed on both sides,
Lighting that changes facial expressions in various scenes.
By making the height of the VIP seats the same level as the eyes of the people on the floor,
The structure allows you to enjoy a sense of unity with the venue even from the VIP seats.

With a bar counter that extends in three directions from the elevator hall
A different dimension space centered on the ATOM TOKYO logo.

The rest room with the finest golden tiles in Japan generously installed all over the wall
It has been significantly renovated to make it easier for women to use.